• LIMBO awarded for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design at the 14th Interactive Achievements Awards, Las Vegas
    LIMBO awarded for best sound at IndieCade 2010, the International Festival of Independent Games, Los Angeles
    LIMBO awarded Best Sound Design at X-Play Best of 2010 Awards
    LIMBO nominated for Use of Audio at the British Academy Video Games Awards (BAFTA), 2011
    LIMBO nominated for Best Audio at the 11th Annual Game Developers Choice Award
    LIMBO nominated for Audio Accomplishment at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards 2011
    LIMBO nominated for best Interactive Entertainment Sound Production at the 27th Annual TEC Awards for Outstanding Creative Achievement
    LIMBO runner up for EDGE's 2010 Audio Award
    LIMBO nominated for Best Sound Design 2010 by
    LIMBO runner up for Gamespot, and Machinima
    Essential Tree Work awarded the ElektraMusic Award 2005, France
    Sleepdriver nominated in Du 32e Concours International de Musique et d'Art Sonore Electroacoustiques de Bourges, France in 2005
    Essential Tree Work awarded an honourable mention in the Prix Ton Bruynél, the Netherlands, the only award made by the jury in 2003
    Essential Tree Work awarded an honourable mention in the 25th International Competition Luigi Russolo, Italy in 2003
    Shadow Songs prize awarded in the The Danish Arts Foundation competition in 2000

  • As an independent composer and sound designer I'm exploring the dynamic relationship between sound and image as a means to revealing new stories and emotional experiences.

    Whether contributing to game development or film projects I enjoy being part of cross-disciplinary working environments aiming at reaching new heights in audio-visual expression.

    My work is often characterized by blurring the dividing line between music and sound design, and while I cover the whole spectrum I’m also collaborating with other composers and sound designers in creating unified sound worlds.

    For a project to stand out I believe it should have a unique and distinctive sonic identity, and I like to dig down deep, through extensive experimentation and research, to discover what that sound might be.

    My work has received several international awards including an Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design, an IndieCade Sound Award and dozens of nominations including one for BAFTA’s ‘Use of Audio’ award for my work on LIMBO.

  • Martin Stig Andersen, GDC talk, San Francisco 2016

    Martin Stig Andersen and Jakob Schmid "Unbreaking Immersion - Audio Implementation for INSIDE", Wwise Tour 2016 Warsaw

    Slides: Unbreaking Immersion - Audio Implementation for INSIDE Wwise Tour 2016 in Warsaw by Jakob Schmid and Martin Stig Andersen

    Martin Stig Andersen in conversation with Jean Martin, European Film Sound, 18 Nov 2015 in Brighton

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  • Martin Stig Andersen is an award-winning composer and sound designer with a background in the fields of acousmatic music, sound installations, electroacoustic performance, and video art. In 2009 he created the audio for Playdead’s video game LIMBO which won Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design at the Interactive Achievement Awards, the IndieCade Sound Award 2010, and was nominated for Use of Audio at the BAFTA Video Games Awards 2011. Since the release of LIMBO, Andersen has been creating and directing the audio for Playdead’s next title, INSIDE. Being a sought-after speaker, he frequently lectures at conferences such as GDC, Develop, and the School of Sound in London. Andersen graduated as a composer from The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark in 2003, and went on to study electroacoustic composition under Professor Denis Smalley at City University, London.

  • 1998-2003 Diploma in composition from The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark
    2001-2003 Studying electroacoustic at City University, London, as part of the Danish diploma degree
    1998-2000 Attending courses at the Danish Institute of Electroacoustic Music

  • 2016 Keynote speaker at AES Audio for Games, London
    2016 Presenting at PLAY Expo, Manchester
    2016 Lecturing at Wwise Tour 2016, Warsaw
    2016 Lecturing at Game Developers Conference, San Francisco
    2015 Lecturing at The Sound of Story, Brighton
    2015 Lecturing at Develop Conference, Brighton
    2015 Lecturing at The School of Sound International Symposium, London
    2012 Lecturing at Game Developers Conference, San Francisco
    2012 Lecturing at Develop Conference in Brighton
    2011 Lecturing at Game Developers Conference, San Francisco
    2010 Lecturing at GameCity5, Nottingham
    2011 Lecturing at Danish Film & Media Composers (BFM), Copenhagen
    2011 Lecturing at Centre for Applied Artistic Innovation (CAKI), Copenhagen
    2011 Lecturing at University College Syddanmark, Medie- og Sonokommunikation
    2010 Article published in eContact!, the Canadian Electroacoustic Community’s online journal of electroacoustics
    2009 Lecturing at Audio SIG, Copenhagen
    2005-2010 Teaching courses in music technology and acoustic awareness at the Academy of Music, Esbjerg, Denmark
    2006 Teaching electroacoustic composition at the Royal Danish Academy of Music
    2005-2007 Consultant for the programme committee of Sound Around 2007
    2004 Lecturing at San Diego State University
    2004 Lecturing at the Royal Danish Academy of Music
    2003 Lecturing at Berkeley University of California and Stanford University
    2003 Member of the committee for the integration of DIEM at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus
    2003 Curator for the electroacoustic concert series Cinema for the Ears
    2002-2003 Board member of Danish Composers Society
    1998-2002 Board member of AUT (Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere, concert association)
    1999-2002 Development of timbreAnalysis (audio analysis software) in collaboration with the University of Aarhus, Department of Computer Science
    1999-2001 Chairman of Young Nordic Music Society

  • INSIDE released on XBox One June 29th and PC July 7th 2016

  • Martin Stig Andersen
    Valdemarsgade 19B
    Copenhagen 1665

    +45 2726 7197


  • “Martin Stig Andersen draws the listener into a deeply evocative mood where agitated sub-frequencies and gathering crescendos suggest a sinister, cinematic quality…” (furthernoise.org)
    “… driven along with amphetamine-like conviction and laced with disturbing sub-clauses and alarming punctuation marks” (The Journal of Music in Ireland)
    “… a faintly glowing atmosphere of fine-tuned associations and delicate nuances of sound, precariously travelling from the soaring, clear, sweeping morning feeling to the covered, hidden, tucked-away grumble of stash-aways, heard through the wall, murky, dark... “ (Sonoloco)
    “I solemnly enjoy the way Andersen brings you into the mist of notions, into hints of bardos far beyond the logic and reason of this world” (Sonoloco)
    “It's odd to see myself writing such things, but there's no other way to describe the deep, primal way these sounds acted on me - basic, deep-seated emotions of violence, fear, helplessness, and tenderness” (San Francisco Classical Voice)